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The Philips Signify Compatibility Guide

Signify (also known as Philips) is a legendary lighting brand offering some of the industry's highest efficiency horticultural lighting products. Based in Eindhoven Netherlands, the company has been in the lighting business for over 100 years, and was an early pioneer in LED based horticultural lighting. Prior to LEDs in horticulture, Philips offered leading HPS and fluorescent products. With global sales teams and staff horticulture experts, Signify stands apart in the horticultural lighting industry. 

Philips Greenpower LED gridlighting


Are Philips Signify lights dimmable? 

Philips Greenpower LED gridlighting supports 0-10v dimming and is compatible with GrowFlux controls. Other Philips lights are also dimmable, however we recommend discussing your specific needs directly with Signify. 


Do Philips Signify lights dim to off? 

Philips Greenpower LED gridlighting supports dim to off. We recommend discussing other lights directly with Signify.

Philips Signify

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