The Nextlight Compatibility Guide


NextLight is a popular LED lighting brand that builds their lights in the US and has a reputation for outstanding customer support. NextLight has used a few different dimming methods including 0-10V analog dimming as well as digital RS-485 dimming with a proprietary protocol. 


0-10V dimming

NextLight lights that shipped with a RJ45 port (looks like an Ethernet jack) support 0-10V dimming. These lights have two RJ45 ports which are wired the same, and allow for easy daisy-chaining of lights. The following wiring diagram shows the pin connections on the NextLight RJ45 port: 

NextLight RJ45 dimming pinout

Use a GrowFlux Screw Terminal Adapter cable to interface a common Ethernet cable to the Universal Dimmer. Just cut an Ethernet cable to expose the wires shown above; strip the orange/white wire and the blue wire and connect both of these wires to the copper terminal in the Screw Terminal Adapter; then strip the orange and blue/white wires and connect them to the silver terminal in the Screw Terminal Adapter. 


Digital dimming

If your NextLight fixture has two dimming ports (example pictured below), you will need to use a NextLight Adapt Pro converter to adapt a 0-10V signal to NextLight's proprietary lighting control protocol. Unfortunately, GrowFlux does not directly offer support for this proprietary dimming interface - a NextLight Adapt Pro converter is required to interface these NextLight lights to GrowFlux controls. 

NextLight digital dimming interface

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