Access Point

The Access Point forms a private, on-site, encrypted self-healing wireless mesh on the 900MHz band for optimal range and penetration. The Access Point connects your GrowFlux Mesh devices to the Cloud.

Universal Dimmer

The Universal Dimmer relays GrowFlux Mesh to more devices.
The 0-10V control interface can control up to 50 lights.

Compatible with all major brands

GrowFlux controls are compatible with all major brands of dimmable LED and HPS horticultural lighting. Tested and proven to work with major manufacturers of LED drivers, including Inventronics, Meanwell, Powerland, and others.

Smart Range Extension

Other devices, such as GrowFlux Mesh enabled lights, also relay the wireless connection and can be set up on the same network


Up to 200 devices can be added to each Access Point (up to 500 devices for the Pro Access Point)


Devices can be added to zones to manage larger farms. Settings and schedules are sent to all devices in each zone simultaneously, and zones can be modified with a few clicks.


Control and manage your farm from any device with the GrowFlux App or browser interface

GrowFlux Mesh: Wireless built for horticulture


Mesh network up to 500 devices per Pro Access Point; add more Access Points as necessary. Smart range extension allows networks to grow as more devices are added

Long range

Reliably connect devices over 500 feet away. We use Sub-GHz frequencies for unsurpassed range and reliability. Transmit through walls, concrete, and challenging environments


Secure and encrypted communications at all layers

Smart Meshing

GrowFlux Mesh devices always find a way to get their message across, even when devices get moved or unplugged

Easy set up

Rapidly set up new devices with the GrowFlux App

Always on time

Battery backed clock inside the Access Point ensures that your GrowFlux Mesh devices always run on schedule

Lighting controls that just work

Lighting controls for any light and any farm

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