Universal Dimmer - Grow Light Controllers

Schedule and dim any grow light with the Universal Dimmer. Supports up to 50 lights with an industry standard 0-10V control interface.

Lighting Daisy Chain Cables

Rapidly interface 0-10V controls to up to 50 lights with waterproof tees and extensions

Lighting Adapter Cables

Use these cables to interface the Universal Dimmer or daisy chain cables to a variety of lights. Use the screw terminal adapter to make a waterproof connection to any bare leads dimming cable.

Control any light with wireless PAR meters

Use Precision PAR wireless PAR meters to monitor real time and historic PAR and DLI.

Pair Precision PAR® wireless PAR meters with GrowFlux lighting controls to build a responsive lighting system that adapts lighting levels in real time for precise PPFD levels at your crop canopy.

Precision PAR® Accessories

GrowFlux Accessories