About GrowFlux

GrowFlux provides control, automation, and energy solutions to the greenhouse and indoor farming industries that result in breakthrough cost and energy savings. GrowFlux innovates automation technologies with high reliability wireless technologies, easy to use cloud enabled software, and smartgrid energy solutions that growers need to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world. 

We started GrowFlux in 2016 because we recognized the need to develop core technologies to advance the controlled environment agriculture industry. While most equipment and controls providers adapt technologies from other industries, we believed that the underlying technologies needed to be built with the scale and reliability requirements of agriculture in mind. We also believe that the ease of use of the technology is inextricably linked to the reliability of the solution, just as much as the growers are an integral part of a farming business. 

New CEA technologies for a changing world

In a rapidly evolving market, GrowFlux offers enabling technologies that streamline efficiency and sustainability within the CEA industry. 

Designed, Supported, & Hosted in USA

Headquartered in Philadelphia, GrowFlux proudly develops products and supports its global customer base from the United States. GrowFlux’s cloud servers are based in the United States, and all GrowFlux support staff are located in the US.

Most GrowFlux products are manufactured and assembled in Houston, Texas and Thorndale, Pennsylvania. Some products, such as the Access Point and the Lighting Adapter are produced with overseas partners based on GrowFlux design.