Precision PAR® monitors real time and historic PAR and DLI levels. Data is available on any device with the GrowFlux App or through the browser based web app. Easy data export within app eliminates manual data collection, and the GrowFlux API connects data to any application or system in real time.

  • Apogee PAR Meter


    The included Sensor Hub connects directly to Apogee Instruments PAR sensors without the need for field wiring. Sensors are included in each kit and set up in minutes with reliable GrowFlux Mesh. Precision PAR sensors are designed for permanent installation near the crop canopy.


    Control your lights seamlessly with GrowFlux wireless controls. Set a photoperiod and a target PPFD, and Precision PAR will automatically adjust your lighting controls in real time to meet the target PPFD, saving energy in greenhouses.


Precision PAR provides clear and concise data about how much light your crop is receiving in real time


Precision PAR® Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

How many lights can I control with Precision PAR?

Precision PAR works with all GrowFlux lighting controls, including the Universal Dimmer.

The Universal Dimmer scales to very large greenhouses with GrowFlux Mesh; the Pro Access Point can support up to 500 Universal Dimmers, and each Universal Dimmer can connect to 50 lights, allowing for up to 25,000 lights in a single control zone.

Can I use Precision PAR with any grow light? 

Precision PAR works with any dimmable LED grow light with 0-10V analog dimming and dim-to-off capability. Most LED grow lights currently available on the market have this capability. 

Precision PAR can be used with dimmable HPS lights as well; contact GrowFlux for a custom quotation.

For lights with proprietary digital interfaces, please contact GrowFlux.

Does Precision PAR work with HPS lights? 

Precision PAR can control dimmable HPS lights that use an analog 0-11.5v dimming interface. Contact us if you are interested in HPS control with Precision PAR. 

If I need a different photoperiod (schedule) for different groups of lights, do I need a Precision PAR sensor for each group?

For standard Precision PAR control, a sensor is required for each group of lights with unique settings. Since Precision PAR places sensors at the plant canopy, each sensor receives both natural and supplemental light. Likewise, each sensor is also providing an accurate PPFD history and daily light integral (DLI) for each group of lights. 

Multiple zones with unique settings can be controlled from one sensor - contact GrowFlux for more information.

Can I mount PAR sensors at the top of my greenhouse or outside of my greenhouse?

Precision PAR works by sensing PAR levels below the lights at the plant canopy level. We understand that this may not be possible for all greenhouses. If you need to mount PAR sensors at the top of your greenhouse, we can provide the necessary customizations to your account and guide you through the setup process. Please contact us for a quotation. 

Can I add more PAR sensors to increase control granularity?

Additional Precision PAR sensors may be added to your lighting control network if you need more control granularity or more zones of control. This is helpful for precision control requirements where the edges of a greenhouse may have lower PAR levels than the center, or when cultivation requirements change and more granular control is needed. 

Relationships between lighting controls and PAR sensors can be managed easily with Digital Zoning.

The basic Access Point supports up to 50 Precision PAR sensor hubs, and the Pro Access Point supports 100 Precision PAR PAR sensor hubs. 

What happens if a Precision PAR sensor loses power or is removed?

Each lighting controller configured with Precision PAR has a backup light schedule, so if a lighting controller doesn’t receive data from sensors, the lighting controller defaults to the dimming level set in the schedule. 

Can I re-configure zones with Precision PAR? 

Lighting controls can be added or removed from zones running Precision PAR, and those lighting controllers will absorb the same settings as other devices in the same zone in real time. 

What is the wireless range of the Precision PAR sensor?

Precision PAR is networked with GrowFlux Mesh and is capable of reliable, long range communication. Each PAR sensor hub typically communicates over 500 feet through walls in an indoor environment. Each PAR sensor hub also functions as a GrowFlux Mesh repeater, extending the reach of your GrowFlux Mesh network.

GrowFlux Mesh utilizes sub-GHz frequencies rather than the commonly used 2.4GHz band, allowing GrowFlux Mesh devices to penetrate further and deeper into buildings and concrete structures.

Does Precision PAR integrate with other control systems?

Precision PAR can integrate with external control systems, and GrowFlux offers both hardware and software integration methods. Contact us for a quotation.