Control & IoT Solutions for Manufacturers


GrowFlux offers control solutions designed for lighting manufacturers and equipment manufacturers that provide rapid time to market and often no upfront investment. With off-the-shelf solutions as well as customizable platforms, GrowFlux is able to help you differentiate your product in a competitive marketplace by offering smartphone app control, software integrations, and best in class wireless connectivity.

Enable post sales support

Shift your customer relationship from a one time procurement to an ongoing relationship. Help your customers get the most out of their lighting systems by providing cultivation support with our remote management tools.

IoT built for agriculture

GrowFlux specializes in wireless IoT connectivity for control in mission critical environments, while most IoT connectivity solutions are built for sensing or lighting control in the general lighting market. Learn More

Off-the-shelf solutions

Our Universal Dimmer product family is available with 2-day shipping to most of North America and can ship directly to your customer when needed.

  • IP65 design
  • Controls up to 50 lights with robust 0-10V interface
  • Scalable to farms of any size with GrowFlux Mesh
  • Flexible reseller program available for lighting manufacturers
  • Plug and play sealed cabling system creates a fully waterproof solution. Field wireable connectors available to integrate with your equipment
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Lighting Adapter

  • Brings wireless control to each light
  • Powered from auxiliary +12v supply available on high power LED drivers. Works with all major LED drivers including Inventronics, Meanwell, Powerland, and others
  • IP66 design for greenhouse environments
  • 1000+ foot range device-to-device
  • 0-10V, PWM, Modbus, multi-channel control, and other protocols available
  • Custom branded solution available
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IOT connectivity for sensors

Avoid the cost of developing a gateway and implementing an IoT stack with GrowFlux. The Microclimate Sensor Hub offers easy integration for a wide range of sensors, and is designed for challenging greenhouse environments.

  • Supports analog, i2c, SPI, modbus, and other protocols
  • Rapidly customizable
  • Data is available via RESTful API; streaming capabilities also supported
  • Configurable sensor power
  • Configurable power input, including low power modes that support battery & solar energy harvesting
  • 2000+ foot typical range with GrowFlux Mesh


  • Microclimate sensing
  • Weather station connectivity
  • PAR sensors & pyranometers
  • Soil moisture & fertigation sensing
  • Gas sensing

Custom Solutions

Have a specialized control, actuation, or sensing need in horticulture, aquaculture, or livestock agriculture? GrowFlux has the connectivity solutions necessary to scale fast in an evolving market. We offer customization of our wireless solutions for high volume partners as well as firmware license options for manufacturers looking to leverage GrowFlux Mesh while maintaining their own supply chain.

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