Plug and Play Horticulture

Lighting controls that just work. The most advanced loT based controls platform for horticulture.

Control Any light

Everything you need to build an intelligent horticultural lighting systemin minutes rather than months, including wireless dimmers, wireless Access points, control apps, and more. Connects to any horticultural light, including LED and dimmable HPS. View Compatibility guides.

Save Energy

Easily save 30% or more by implementing scheduling and dimming. Our platform includes crop specific energy saving profiles to help you save energy on day one.

Rapid payback

Our lightweight IoT devices cut capital costs, installation time, and lead times, resulting in massive savings compared to conventional control systems.

Reduce Crop stress

Optimize your lighting to each stage of crop development and reduce crop stress. Reduce time to harvest by eliminating overlighting.


Reliability you can bet your farm on. Our wireless technology is built for horticulture and overcomes the shortcomings of bluetooth mesh and WiFi. Cloud Enabled controls combine the benefits of connected controls with the reliability of on premise control systems.

Works With Any Light

Software profiles for all major brands and models take the guesswork out of setting up a lighting profile. Customize your lighting controls to your farm and light your crop with precision.

Plug and play

GrowFlux controls set up in minutes out of the box with the GrowFlux app. Our wireless controls are easily retrofitted into your farm without disrupting your crop.

Compatible with all major brands of lights

GrowFlux Mesh enabled lights

Now available at Horticulture Lighting Group.

Get the GrowFlux App

PAR Sensing & responsive lighting controls

Optimize your lighting systems with light sensors. Precision PAR® is an intuitive PAR & DLI monitoring solution that coordinates with GrowFlux lighting controls.

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Schedule & dim up to 50 lights with the Universal Dimmer

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Our research collaborations are making energy saving technology accessible to more small and medium sized businesses in the greenhouse agriculture and indoor farming industries. Read more


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