The Horticulture Lighting Group Compatibility Guide

Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG) was formed in 2016 with the merger of Johnson Grow Lights and Northern Grow Lights. HLG pioneered horticultural lighting with the introduction of their Quantum Boards®, which were the first to apply several hundred high efficiency Samsung mid-power LEDs to metal core circuit boards to improve overall light efficacy (most lights at this time utilized fewer higher power LEDs). This approach allowed HLG to offer breakthrough energy efficiency in its utilitarian, no-frills lights that growers fell in love with. Up to 6 Quantum Boards® are assembled onto each light, depending on the model, and HLG offers a range of lights with different sizes and outputs for any stage of crop development. 
HLG offers GrowFlux controls integrated into lights at their factory- just select GrowFlux for your dimming option when ordering! SHOP NOW 

HLG also offers dimming via RJ connectors or a potentiometer installed on your light. This guide covers each method of interfacing GrowFlux controls to HLG lights. 
Are HLG lights dimmable?
Yes, all HLG lights are dimmable. New lights from HLG are available with GrowFlux controls, RJ connectors for 0-10V dimming, or a factory installed potentiometer. 

Do HLG lights dim to off? 
All dimmable HLG lights feature dim to off, which allows the LED driver to completely power down the light through the 0-10V interface. This eliminates the need for timers, relays, contactor panels, and switched circuits on the mains AC wiring, potentially saving a lot of money on installation. The GrowFlux Universal Dimmer includes enhanced support for dim to off when connected to many LED drivers, ensuring growers that lights are reliably turning off. 

How to connect HLG lights with RJ connectors to the Universal Dimmer
HLG lights with RJ dimming ports can be linked to GrowFlux's Universal Dimmer with the Universal Dimmer RJ Adapter cable (part number GFX-DIMA-RJ). Each HLG light with RJ dimming has two connector ports; additional lights can be daisy chain connected with RJ11 extension cables (not available with GrowFlux). 

How to connect HLG lights with a dimming knob to the Universal Dimmer
HLG lights with potentiometers (dimming knobs) will need some modification to expose the dimming wires. Unscrew the enclosure with the dimming knob to expose the low voltage dimming wires. Locate the DIM+ and DIM- wires and disconnect the wire clamp connectors to expose the wires. Connect the DIM+ and DIM- wires to the GrowFlux Screw Terminal Adapter cable (part number GFX-DIMA-ST) cable to interface your light to the Universal Dimmer. HLG uses drivers from three different manufacturers, so use the links below to identify the wire colors on your driver:



How many HLG lights can I dim at once?
Up to 50 HLG lights can be connected to one GrowFlux Universal Dimmer; connecting more than this number of lights may result in unpredictable behavior and may void your GrowFlux warranty. The dimming signal can be daisy chained to multiple lights with tees and extension cables


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