The Iluminar Lighting Compatibility Guide

Iluminar offers a range of high efficiency LED grow lights for indoor, greenhouse, and seedling cultivation. This guide covers everything you need to know about dimming lights from Iluminar Lighting. 
Are Iluminar Lighting lights dimmable?
Iluminar Lighting products are dimmable via the RJ14 port on the light. 


Do Iluminar Lighting lights dim to off? 
Iluminar Lighting lights support dim to off, which allows the LED driver to completely power down the light through the 0-10V interface. This eliminates the need for timers, relays, contactor panels, and switched circuits on the mains AC wiring, potentially saving a lot of money on installation. The GrowFlux Universal Dimmer includes enhanced support for dim to off when connected to many LED drivers, ensuring growers that lights are reliably turning off. 
How to connect Iluminar Lighting lights to the GrowFlux Universal Dimmer
Iluminar Lighting lights can be linked to GrowFlux's Universal Dimmer with the Universal Dimmer RJ Adapter cable (part number GFX-DIMA-RJ).  Additional lights can be connected with GrowFlux's waterproof dimmer extension cables and tees; alternatively RJ14 splitters and RJ14 cables can be used to link lights together (not available with GrowFlux). 


How many Iluminar Lighting lights can I dim at once?
Up to 50 Iluminar Lighting lights can be connected to one GrowFlux Universal Dimmer; connecting more than this number of lights may result in unpredictable behavior and may void your GrowFlux warranty. The dimming signal can be daisy chained to multiple lights RJ14 cables, since each light has two RJ14 ports. Rugged sealed RJ14 cables are available from Iliuminar in a variety of lengths - contact Iliuminar for more details.
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