The PHOTOBIO Compatibility Guide


PHOTOBIO is a high efficiency line of LED grow lights launched by industry mainstay Hydrofarm, a brand that has been central to the horticulture industry for 45 years. The PHOTOBIO lighting series includes high efficiency, DLC Listed lights for indoor cultivation, greenhouses, and vertical farming. 

Phantom PHOTOBIO•MX 680W

Are PHOTOBIO lights dimmable?

PHOTOBIO offers a wide range of lights that utilize horticulture grade LED power supplies, which are dimmable with a 0-10v interface. PHOTOBIO's TX, T, and MX lights all utilize dimmable LED power supplies. Note that the PHOTOBIO•VP lights for vertical farming are not dimmable and are therefore not compatible with GrowFlux controls. 


Do PHOTOBIO lights dim to off? 

All dimmable PHOTOBIO lights feature dim to off, which allows the LED driver to completely power down the light through the 0-10V interface. This eliminates the need for timers, relays, contactor panels, and switched circuits on the mains AC wiring, potentially saving a lot of money on installation. The GrowFlux Universal Dimmer includes enhanced support for dim to off when connected to many LED drivers, ensuring growers that lights are reliably turning off. 


How to connect PHOTOBIO lights to the GrowFlux Universal Dimmer

PHOTOBIO lights can be linked together with the included PHOTO•LOC 0-10V cable. This cable can be mated to GrowFlux's Universal Dimmer with the GrowFlux Screw Terminal Adapter cable (part number GFX-DIMA-ST) to create a completely sealed interface. 

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