Introducing Precision PAR® Dynamic Lighting Control

PAR sensor lighting controls for greenhouses - GrowFlux Precision PAR

GrowFlux’s new Precision PAR® wireless sensor is an easy to install monitoring and control solution that allows growers to build automated control systems that work with any light. Much like a thermostat, Precision PAR detects light levels near the crop and automatically adjusts any dimmable light in real time to a specific PPFD (light intensity) setpoint. Precision PAR works with PAR sensors from Apogee Instruments and incorporates GrowFlux Mesh for reliable and long range wireless connectivity.

Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) and Daily Light Integral (DLI) monitoring are increasingly being used by growers to hone in on energy savings and specific environmental conditions, especially with new LED lighting. Controlling lights with GrowFlux’s Precision PAR technology ensures that crops receive consistent lighting regardless of shadowing or cloud cover while avoiding overlighting. Coupled with software energy analysis features, GrowFlux’s controls provide rapid return on investment for growers aiming to manage energy costs. 

GrowFlux LED grow light dimmer installed in a greenhouse

GrowFlux's Universal Dimmer can control up to 50 lights with a 0-10V interface. 

Precision PAR works with all GrowFlux lighting control products, which are universally compatible with any dimmable LED or HPS light and set up in minutes. GrowFlux’s lighting controllers are broadly compatible with all major brands of dimmable lights, and with the company’s wireless technology GrowFlux Mesh, can scale to any size farm. GrowFlux Mesh is engineered for horticultural lighting and communicates on Sub-GHz frequencies for unsurpassed range, penetration, and reliability. 

GrowFlux’s products are available off the shelf, and are recognized for their ease of use, reliable long range wireless technology, and plug and play setup. GrowFlux lighting controls can also interface with existing control systems through software or hardware interfaces and can be re-configured in minutes to support changing cultivation needs. 

GrowFlux offers apps for any device as well as a web browser interface allowing growers to monitor and change light levels from anywhere in the world. 

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