Software API

APIs provide developers with a powerful way to extend the capabilities of their software, allowing them to write code that accesses and interacts with other applications. But you don't have to be a developer to use them - in fact, you probably already benefit from APIs every day. 

Many popular websites and apps use APIs to offer users a customized experience or access to external services. For example, most weather apps use third party data sources to serve up weather forecast data through APIs. APIs are also behind most of the infrastructure that powers our modern economy, such as credit card payment processors, cloud infrastructure, the energy grid, freight and logistics, and the global financial system. Even though APIs are well established in most industries, agriculture is having a renaissance in API adoption. 

GrowFlux API

GrowFlux offers all of its standard product features through the GrowFlux API. Streaming API features and on-premise API features are available by request.


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