Energy Analytics

Understand your lighting energy loads with ease with GrowFlux controls. GrowFlux helps commercial growers plan energy usage around variable energy pricing, saving money and boosting productivity. 

  • Understand energy use for a lighting and dimming schedule in real time
  • Automatically calculates energy consumption based on the make and model of lights
  • See whole facility energy loads in one glance 
  • Keep track of energy inputs for each zone
  • Rein in demand charges by understanding peak energy consumption
  • Schedule your entire facility around peak energy pricing 


Light fixture library

The GrowFlux App includes nearly all major manufacturers of grow lights and the associated energy metrics for each model of light. 

Light library - GrowFlux app


Real time monitoring

See the real time energy loads and whole facility loads all in one place

 Energy consumption for grow lights in zone view - GrowFlux App

Energy Planning

Build detailed dimming schedules and see the resulting energy consumption across your entire facility

Peak power chart - GrowFlux App

Lighting energy is one of the top crop inputs and operating expenses in controlled environment agriculture, and having the right tools at your fingertips to understand energy consumption across your entire facility is critical to managing these costs. GrowFlux controls includes robust energy planning and monitoring capabilities, taking a lot of the manual labor out of energy planning for your greenhouse or indoor farm. 

Within the GrowFlux App, zone management provides an intuitive way to manage groups of lights or lighting controllers, especially in cultivation facilities with multiple greenhouses or cultivation rooms. From the zone management view, growers can see real time energy consumption for each zone at a glance, providing critical data on energy inputs for each batch. The GrowFlux App also shows whole facility energy analytics so growers can understand peak energy consumption, even when running many different sophisticated lighting schedules. 

Demand charges can sometimes account for up to 70% of a utility bill, and these charges pertain to the peak energy consumption of a cultivation facility. Staggering lighting schedules to reduce peak energy consumption can significantly reduce energy costs, especially when the energy rates are variable throughout the day (TOU or Time of Use pricing). GrowFlux's team is available to help your facility plan energy loads around variable TOU energy pricing and utility curtailment programs - learn more here

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