Remote Software Updates

Connected devices contain software, called firmware, that enable the device's functionality. When device makers improve functionality, build new features, or patch security flaws, that firmware will need updating. But what happens when your connected devices are part of the physical infrastructure running your business? That's where remote software updates, or Over-the-air software updates come in. 

Over the Air Updates

Loading new firmware onto industrial equipment can often be a laborious process, requiring someone to be physically present in order to perform an upgrade - a tall task if setup is in difficult-to-reach places or with a large number of devices. Over-the-air software updates offer an easier solution. An over-the-air software update is delivered to the device through the primary wireless network used by the device, and is performed in situ, without needing an operator to be physically present. Most importantly, over-the-air updates do not interrupt business operations, which is critically important in agriculture. 

How remote software updates work with GrowFlux

Every GrowFlux Mesh device has extra flash memory available to receive a software update, and when a device successfully receives the software, it is verified for accuracy, copied to the internal microprocessor, and the device is restarted automatically without interrupting control operations.

To be 100% certain that remote software updates won't interrupt your business, software updates for GrowFlux Mesh devices are user initiated. To perform a software update on your GrowFlux Mesh devices, open the GrowFlux App, go to All Devices from the menu, navigate to the device you would like to update, click the device, scroll to the bottom of the device settings panel, and click the 'CHECK FOR SOFTWARE UPDATES' button. From here, you can install the new firmware, and the remaining steps are completely autonomous.

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