Introducing the Pro Access Point

We're excited to introduce the Pro Access Point in a fully waterproof enclosure. Since introducing our low cost Access Point a few years ago, we have received frequent requests from growers to offer a waterproof version that can be installed in growing spaces.

The Pro Access Point has expanded capabilities and allows growers to connect more devices - up to 500 - to scale to the largest of farms. Growers can add additional Access Points as necessary to scale even further, including to multiple facilities.

We designed the new Pro Access Point with a rugged IP66 enclosure with IP67 connectors, tough UV resistant ASA resin, and multiple mounting options to secure your equipment. The Pro Access Point performs in greenhouse environments, indoor farms, and the outdoors. The sealed enclosure includes a waterproof pressure equalization vent that prohibits the ingress of liquid water while allowing internal pressure to equalize among changes in atmospheric pressure, thereby protecting the seals from undue and further preventing ingress.


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