Wireless controls for BIOS LED grow lights

BIOS is known for their unique LED lighting products and biology first approach. GrowFlux and BIOS collaborate to provide a comprehensive lighting control solution that matches BIOS' reputation for user-friendly experiences.

Our plug and play controls set up out of the box and work with any dimmable BIOS light. Schedule and dim your BIOS lights wirelessly and build lighting control systems for your BIOS lights with ease.


  • Verified Compatibility

    GrowFlux controls are rigorously tested with BIOS lights and are field proven in large installations

  • Warranty Match

    GrowFlux matches the BIOS warranty, protecting your investment on your entire lighting system. Terms apply.
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  • Industry Leading Support

    GrowFlux and BIOS support teams collaborate to support our customers, so you are never left in the dark

  • ENDEAVOUR 1750

    The Endeavour™ 1750 is an energy efficient and high output indoor grow light solution. With multiple mounting options including the RapidRack™ system, the Endeavour™ 1750 was designed with the grower in mind. The Endeavour™ 1750 brings lighting versatility that is naturally brilliant.. 

  • ICARUS Li2

    High output with a unique production focused spectrum boosts yields and enhances cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Featuring a cleanable glass lens and multiple mounting options. The Icarus Li2 provides unmatched performance with simple installation and maintenance.

  • ICARUS Ti2

    Passive cooling from our scientifically designed heat sink technology extends the life of this rugged, high output, broad spectrum grow light. Its minimal footprint boosts access to sunlight, while providing energy efficient supplemental light. Industry-leading science-based spectrum provides crucial white light while saturating the specific red & blue frequencies that maximize photosynthesis.

  • Bios LED grow light

    ICARUS Ti3

    With a minimal footprint and passive cooling, the ICARUS Ti3 is a durable, high output, broad spectrum grow light boasts a glass lens for easy cleaning & reduced spectral degradation that extends the life of your fixture.


    These lightweight, easy-mounting linears have a sleek profile that maximizes growing space, and high output, uniform full spectrum light optimal for cannabis production. Our unique RapidRack™ installation system combined with a remote power supply makes it the fastest installation in the industry.


    Durable, lightweight, broad spectrum linears with adjustable mounting options for varied light spacing. White light provides a broad spectrum that maximizes plant growth and enhances visual comfort for growers and plant inspections.